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Your journey to become free from glasses with Cataract Doctor

This video highlights a typical patient journey at Cataract Doctor. You will receive expert care from your initial consultation right through to your follow up procedure.

Most patients are able to see the television clearly on the same evening as their operation and achieve great vision the day after. Having your treatment with us will be pain-free, relaxing and successful.


What are typical cataract symptoms?

Recognising the symptoms of cataracts and having them removed at an early stage is important for the long term health of your eyes. Symptoms typically include: Cloudy vision Blurred vision Difficulty driving Difficulty seeing in low light Problems with glare Flaring of bright lights, e.g. car headlights Visual problems [read more]

I often get asked about nutrition and cataracts and eye health in general. Last week the Daily Mail Online featured a story about cataracts and alternative medicine (  The article asks if alternative medicine can cure cataracts and talks about how free [read more]

A few days ago an acquaintance was complaining about an appointment that she had had with a private consultant. Her objection was that the doctor didn’t seem to know her medical history and being somewhat stressed about the appointment anyway, she couldn’t remember results of various investigations. I [read more]