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Your journey to become free from glasses with Cataract Doctor

This video highlights a typical patient journey at Cataract Doctor. You will receive expert care from your initial consultation right through to your follow up procedure.

Most patients are able to see the television clearly on the same evening as their operation and achieve great vision the day after. Having your treatment with us will be pain-free, relaxing and successful.


Solar Eclipse 2015

As you probably know, there will be a partial eclipse of the sun this Friday, which will be seen across most of the UK.  The last eclipse, in 1999 was a complete one, but this one will be partial with the moon covering about 90%of the sun depending where in the [read more]

Can I have eye surgery twice?

Some patients may develop a different condition following eye surgery, which means that they may need additional treatment or a ‘top up’ solution. Speak to Mr. Ursell at your initial consultation if you have any questions about this. Contact us on 0845 680 2020 or click here to fill out our easy contact [read more]

What is Glaucoma?

The eye produces a nourishing fluid called the aqueous humour which circulates around the tissues of the eye and drains away through outflow channels. ‘Normal’ eye pressure is when the amount of fluid produced is balanced by the amount of fluid draining away. If the fluid in the eye does [read more]