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Cataract Surgery Cost

As our patient David confirms, Cataract Doctor offers excellent value for money. We – like him – really believe that you cannot put a price on your eyesight:

How much does cataract surgery cost?

Cataract Doctor is one of the UK’s leading cataract practices, with success rates that are 10 – 20% better than the already reassuring national average.

We will give you a full examination and discuss the cataract surgery cost with you. These costs will vary depending on your needs and preferences.

Premium Cataract surgery with a monofocal lens is £2,600 per eye.  This includes the procedure, the implant, anaesthetist  the hospital fees, post procedure medication and a month of follow up consultations.

Premium cataract surgery with a multifocal or toric lens is £3,600 per eye. This includes the procedure, the implant, anaesthetist the hospital fees, post procedure medication and a month of follow up consultations.

Does cataract surgery outweigh the cost of glasses?

Senior couple enjoying their good sight after cataract surgery on a hiking trip

You cannot put a price tag on your eyes, but the long-term benefits of cataract surgery are tremendous. You do not have to worry about wearing your glasses anymore and can enjoy life to the fullest. Colours will seem brighter and you will discover a remarkable sharpening of your sight. Think of it as an investment in improving your quality of life.

Will my medical insurance cover the cataract surgery cost?

The really good news is this: you will be able to use your medical insurance to cover a part of your cataract surgery. Nevertheless, each insurer is different, so we advise you speak to your insurer to discuss your cataract surgery before you go ahead with treatment.

If you live outside the UK and are not paying with insurance, then your account will need to be settled prior to your cataract surgery.

BUPA and cataract surgery

Retirees enjoying a hiking trip after cataract surgeryIf you are having cataract surgery under BUPA, Mr. Ursell’s fee is £995. You will receive an account from Mr Ursell and the hospital following surgery. You will need to forward these to your insurance company.  BUPA is the only insurance company that does not fully cover Mr. Ursell’s fees as they have recently reduced the amount that they are prepared to cover.

What payment methods are available at Cataract Doctor?

You can pay for your cataract surgery using either a debit or credit card or by cheque. All cheques should be made payable to CESP (Surrey) and must be sent to CESP before surgery or given to Mr. Ursell on the day of the operation.

Please contact us on 0845 680 2020 if you have any questions about the cost of cataract surgery or click here to fill out our easy contact form to request more information.