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After Cataract Surgery

In the video below, Vicky (a patient) remembers how quickly she recovered from surgery and how much she has benefited from having the procedure:

What happens after cataract surgery?

After cataract surgery with Cataract Doctor, you will be given a warm drink and something to eat before you leave. The majority of people prefer to go home after their surgery but some stay overnight, which can also be arranged.

Before you leave, Mr. Ursell will perform a thorough check-up to make sure that everything is as it should be.

We will also give you two different eyedrops to use twice a day for three weeks to help your eyes heal.

Immediately following cataract surgery you may find that your eyes are slightly red and tender, but you should not experience any severe pain. This will settle within a few hours. If you do develop severe pain, redness or reduced vision following the operation, please contact us immediately.

How quickly will my eyes recover after cataract surgery?

People recover from eye surgery at different rates – most patients will be able to see very well within a few hours of surgery. On rare occasions patients may have to wait a few days before experiencing clear vision.

Happy patient reading ater cataract surgery

For the first few days after surgery, we advise that you limit strenuous physical activity to avoid putting too much pressure on your eyes. However, you can go back to work, drive, play golf or fly the next day if needed.

With the Cataract Doctor’s specialised techniques there is no need to protect the eye with a shield after surgery or put any restrictions on bending down, washing or carrying out normal daily activities.

Will I still need my glasses after cataract surgery?

Happy patient enjoying a hot drink after cataract surgeryMost patients will not need glasses following surgery. The reliance of your eyes on glasses depends on the type of implant used, but you have a very good chance of getting rid of your glasses after cataract surgery.

Monofocal implants are used to see things in the distance but you will still need glasses for close activities such as reading. Multifocal implants are like varifocal glasses and mean you can usually see near and distance without glasses. You can talk to Mr. Ursell at your initial consultation about what lenses to choose.

You needn’t be concerned – the Cataract Doctor has restored vision to almost 8,000 people over the past 20 years and in 2011, 99% of our patients achieved driving vision after their operation.


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