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Our patient Paul, Vice President of a major telecommunications agency, gave us an insight into how his life has changed since having cataract surgery. Take a look at his video

Results & Risks

What are the risks and complications of cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is generally a very safe procedure. However, as with any surgical procedure results cannot be guaranteed and occasionally complications do occur.

After surgery you may expect to experience some pain, light sensitivity and glare.

Mild irritation for a few days is common. Severe pain may indicate raised pressure or an infection, in which case please contact us immediately.

Light sensitivity and glare can occur. As the cloudy cataract is replaced with a crystal clear lens, it may take some time to adjust to the extra light entering the eye. One advantage of this is that colours seem brighter.

Variations in outcome

Need for glasses after surgery

The strength of the implant lens is calculated to minimise the need for glasses following the operation. Most patients with a momofocal implant will be able to see clearly without distance glasses and use simple reading glasses. Some patients elect to have reading vision and use distance glasses as an alternative. Sometimes you will require glasses for distance, reading or both despite perfect surgery. This means that the vision will be clear when wearing the glasses. In extreme cases, the implant may have to be exchanged.


Modern phakoemulsification surgery does not require stitches, as a keyhole incision is used. Very rarely a stitch is used for technical reasons. This may cause some astigmatism and blurred vision until it is taken out 2 weeks after surgery.

Vision threatening complications

Cataract surgery is generally very safe and successful. The chance of having a serious complication that severely damages vision is in the region of 1 in 500.

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