When to do the surgery

Mr Ursell discusses the right time for surgery. Watch our film here.

Sheila's story

Living with Cataracts. Watch her film here. 

Cataract Symptoms

How do cataracts affect vision?

Cataracts cause problems with vision.

These include poor vision whilst driving or watching television, difficulty with close work and reading. Some cataracts cause glare in bright lights and can be particularly troublesome when driving at night.

Cataracts can also cause a yellowing of the vision. Having cataracts may necessitate an increase in the strength of glasses required to see clearly. Therefore, having to change the strength of your glasses frequently can be an early sign of cataracts.

Cataracts are painless and develop slowly over many years. However, the symptoms can occur over a short period of time. They are very common and most people will require surgery for cataracts at some stage during their lives.

Most people notice that they are having problems in their 60’s but they can occur earlier or later.

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