After Cataract Surgery

Once the surgery is complete, additional drops will be placed in your eye to prevent infection, decrease inflammation, temporarily inactivate your eye’s focusing system and keep your pupil dilated. Someone will need to drive you home.

When you have returned home from surgery, it is important to rest for the remainder of the day. Please avoid any strenuous activities. Do not disturb the eye. It is usually advisable to rest as much as possible, having an evening meal and a good night’s sleep. You may shower or bathe. You may also wash your hair after surgery.

Please place the drops in that evening. At this point, you may resume normal activities, including bending. Do not discontinue any of the eye drops until directed to do so. Usually you will use Tobradex and Yellox drops twice a day for three weeks.

When instilling the drops, wait about 3 to 5 minutes in between each type of drop. If you are not sure that the medication actually went in your eye, instil additional drops. It is better to instil too much rather than too little. It does not matter which drop goes in first.

A follow-up visit will be scheduled for approximately one or two weeks after the cataract surgery. If you experience any unusual pain, discharge or an abrupt change in your vision, please call immediately using the mobile number provided (this will be given to you following the operation).

It is normal after surgery for the white part of your eye to appear red. This will usually clear in a few days. Your eye may feel scratchy, but you should have no pain. If you experience pain or increased discomfort please call Mr Ursell’s secretary Karen on 0845 680 2020 immediately or the mobile number provided by Mr Ursell.

Temporary floating spots and brief flashes are common following surgery, but should disappear. Your distance vision will usually be very good within a day or two after surgery. However, your intermediate and near vision may be somewhat blurred for the first one or two weeks. You may buy over the counter reading glasses if needed from the chemist to help you read until you have a full prescription from the optician. You should see the optician four weeks after surgery.

Driving – you can drive when you achieve the UK driving specification which is being able to read a number plate at 60 feet. This usually occurs within a day or two of surgery and can even be the next day.

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