Patient Support

Please watch this film to see the experience you will receive on the day of the operation.

Following surgery, you will be given drops to use twice a day for between two to four weeks.Visual recovery is variable. Some patients see very well within a few days, while for others it may take a few weeks. A change in glasses is generally needed several weeks after surgery.

Most patients will need glasses for some activities following surgery, particularly reading, unless you opt for a multifocal implant.
It is advisable to limit strenuous physical activity following surgery.

Your eye may be slightly red and tender, but you should not experience severe pain. Should you develop severe pain, redness or reduced vision following the operation please contact us immediately.

After the procedure you will be given a list of telephone numbers to call in case of emergency including Mr Ursell’s personal mobile telephone number.

You will have a check up of the operation 1 week after the procedure.

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