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As our patient confirms, Cataract Doctor offers excellent value for money. We, like him, really believe that you cannot put a price on your eyesight.

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Mr Ursell is recognised by all of the UK’s insurance companies. All invoices are usually covered apart from your excess which depends on your particular policy. This does not apply to BUPA which only covers part of the costs and will leave you with a shortfall. Please pay in advance of surgery.

If you have any queries about payment for treatment please contact Karen Rose who will be happy to deal with any queries.

Why pay for private surgery?

The option of private surgery is taken by many patients seeing Mr Ursell. This offers many advantages over NHS provision.

The main one is that you are guaranteed to have Mr Ursell personally perform the operation and he will personally see you for all consultations before and after the operation.

You will also be able to schedule the procedure to fit into your diary and incorporate it within a holiday and social commitments. Usually we schedule surgery for the week after the initial consultation.

Finally, private surgery means that you can have the option of toric or multifocal implants to reduce your reliance on prescription spectacles after surgery.

Consultant costs for tests

Please find below an estimate of the cumulative consultant cost of the treatment pathway I am recommending. Please note that in addition to any fees I may charge for reviewing or undertaking your tests, there may also be a hospital fee charged. My fees for carrying out the tests and operations I have recommended are as follows.

New consultation, 30 mins
Follow-up consultation, 15 mins
Cataract surgery per eye (Parkside/Ashtead)
Multifocal or Toric implant (per eye)
YAG laser capsulotomy per eye (Epsom)
YAG laser capsulotomy per eye (Ashtead/Parkside)
Nasolacrimal syringing
Corneal pachymetry
Intravitreal injection (per eye)

£2,500 Package Price *
£1,000 (includes corneal topography, implant and follow up) **
£500 Package Price *
£300 (drug to be supplied by hospital)

Procedures which are not part of a package price will incur a separate fee from the hospital.

* Package Price includes surgeon’s fee & hospital fee, plus follow-up visits for one month. Any extra procedures, drugs or tests required after surgery will incur a separate fee.

** Ashtead Hospital – items are invoiced separately. Premium implant surgeon’s fee: £350

Services not included in the estimate

My fees stated above do not include any fees that the hospital may charge for undertaking the test nor do they include any further treatment or follow-up outpatient appointments.
Insurance companies differ in the variety of fees they cover. This may leave you with a shortfall or an excess for which you may be liable. Please discuss this directly with your insurance company.
If you have private medical insurance, please contact your insurer before you book for the tests to confirm whether the recommended tests are covered by the terms of your policy.

Quality information

You can compare independent information about the quality of private treatment offered at the hospital and other private healthcare providers from the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) website: www.phin.org.uk

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