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What is the best Laser Eye Surgery?

Advanced CustomVue Wavefront LASIK

happy couple after best laser eye surgeryThe best laser eye surgery for your eyes is no different from all the other best things you can buy: custom-made just for you. Like a tailored suit, Advanced CustomVue Wavefront LASIK is 100% customised to the unique anatomy of your eyes.

That means you can look forward to better results than ever before from your laser eye surgery.

With bespoke laser eye surgery at Cataract Doctor you have a very good chance of getting rid of your glasses after treatment and enjoying a higher quality of life.

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WaveScan 3D mapping to ensure you receive the best laser eye surgery for your eyes

Previously, surgeons carried out laser eye surgery using standard measurements for glasses or contact lenses, with excellent results. Now, thanks to WaveScan 3D mapping, we can take measurements that are 25 times more precise, so you have the potential to experience even better vision than is possible with glasses and contacts.

In just a few seconds, our specialised WaveScan machine will record every detail of the minute imperfections in your vision, and create a 3D blueprint of your eyes. We then use your unique WaveScan profile to carry out your customised Z-LASIK vision correction.

The WaveScan even records the unique characteristics of your iris (the coloured part of your eye), to ensure that only you can receive your unique, tailored treatment and therefore the best laser eye surgery for your eyes.

Wavefront guided vision correction

best laser eye surgery eyeYour unique WaveScan profile effectively ‘drives’ the computer-controlled laser that carries out your Z-LASIK vision correction.

Wavefront-guided lasers, like the AMO VISX S4IR laser, offer the highest degree of precision and safety in laser eye surgery. The laser is computer-controlled, and works from the precise measurements in your unique WaveScan profile.

There’s no need to worry about moving or looking away during your laser eye operation either, thanks to the advanced ‘eye tracking’ abilities of our Wavefront-guided laser.

The laser automatically ‘locks onto’ your eye throughout the procedure, compensating for the smallest movements, and stopping instantly if your eye looks away – even for an instant.

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What is Z-LASIK?

Z-LASIK is one of the most trusted and successful methods of laser eye surgery in the world. There are no scalpels or blades involved in Z-LASIK – it uses only the latest all-laser technology for a safer, more comfortable procedure, with far better results. The advanced level of technology at Cataract Doctor is to ensure that you really get the best laser eye surgery results for your eyes. Click here to learn about what happens after laser eye surgery.

The Z-LASIK difference

Thanks to Z-LASIK, we can now correct the widest range of vision imperfections, including long sightedness, mild to severe short sightedness and astigmatism. Even if you were turned down for laser eye surgery in the past, you may now be able to enjoy the benefits of laser eye surgery with the type of treatment offered at Cataract Doctor:

  • Customised vision correction – With Z-LASIK, your vision correction is 100% tailored to your individual eyes, using measurements 25 times more precise than those for glasses or contacts.
  • Painless blade-free technology – Two of the most advanced lasers in the world are used to quickly and comfortably correct your vision, with far better results than traditional blade-LASIK.
  • Better results – More people achieve perfect 20/20 vision with Z-LASIK, and experience better night vision, compared with conventional LASIK.
  • Faster operation – The operation takes just a few seconds to correct each eye, and most patients experience an immediate improvement in their vision.
  • Swiss-engineered – The Ziemer Femtosecond laser uses precise Swiss technology and is used around the world.

Are you suitable for Z-LASIK eye surgery?

Thanks to the advanced technology behind Z-LASIK, most people are suitable for this type of eye surgery – including many people who have been turned down in the past. At Cataract Doctor you will receive tailored, unique treatment to make sure you get the best laser eye surgery possible for your eyes.

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