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What is Argon Laser Treatment?

What is Argon Laser Treatment?

What is Argon Laser Treatment?

During Argon Laser Treatment a laser, which is a machine attached to a slit-lamp microscope which emits a highly concentrated beam of light, is used. Laser treatment is given to prevent deterioration in your eye condition, and occasionally to cure it.

The Argon laser is used in the treating of glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and sometimes holes and tears in the retina.

A laser eye procedure will involve the following:

  • First you will be given a vision test: The nurse may instil drops into the eye in order to dilate (enlarge) the pupil. These usually take 30 to 40 minutes to work.
  • Afterwards the doctor will instil anaesthetic drops into the eye before commencing the treatment, to stop any discomfort during the laser eye treatment.
  • Next, a contact lens will be gently placed on your eye which may feel odd but will not hurt you at all.
  • You will then be required to sit still at the slit-lamp while the treatment is being undertaken. When the laser surgery starts, you will see flashes of light. Occasionally a sting may be felt but it is essential that you do not pull away.
  • Very occasionally, particularly if you are having a second laser eye procedure, you may feel a slight pain in your eye. If this should become severe, the doctor can give a painkilling injection below the eye. A laser session can last between 5 to 45 minutes depending upon the amount of treatment required.
  • After the laser eye surgery you are free to go home but please remember that you will be unable to drive so it is advisable to make alternative arrangements for your journey. A friend or family member could pick you up or you can take a taxi. You will usually be asked to make a follow-up clinic appointment to make sure your eyes are healing as expected.

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